These aluminum foil paper tray use precautions to know

These aluminum foil paper tray use precautions to know


  Knock on the blackboard, these aluminum foil paper tray use precautions to know! Aluminum foil paper tray is a kind of food packaging tray. Usually most of the takeout we order are packed with tin foil paper tray. This kind of paper tray is safe and sanitary, and can be recycled. Because of this, aluminum foil tray will be favored. Here, the supplier of aluminum foil tray reminds us that we should pay attention to the following problems when using aluminum foil tray.



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  1. As the aluminum foil tray is generally used in the microwave oven, it is better not to use the aluminum foil container with a thickness of more than 3cm. If the thickness exceeds 3cm, the microwave cannot pass through it.



  2. Tin foil tray must be filled with food, if there is a large gap, it is easy to scorch.



  3. To remove the cover of aluminum foil can be put into the microwave oven heating, if the food must be covered, it is best to use microwave adhesive film.



  4. Do not use the plate with gold and silver trim, because metal and metal can not touch each other, otherwise it will affect the use effect of aluminum foil paper tray.



  5. Do not use a deformed or damaged aluminum foil tray, or food may tip over. If the aluminum foil tray must be reused, it should be cleaned before it can be reused.



  In a word, aluminum foil paper tray is a very popular food packaging material nowadays. Using aluminum foil paper tray can give better protection to food, keep good taste of food, refuse deterioration of food, and avoid bacteria breeding in food. So you can use the aluminum foil tray safely. Nowadays, there are many suppliers of aluminum foil paper trays. We must look for an excellent and powerful aluminum foil paper tray manufacturer. After all, aluminum foil paper trays are in direct contact with food, which is related to people's health. Therefore, we should not be careless and choose the one with good quality.

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