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Foil Barbecue Plate Filter Oil Outdoor Camping Picnic Pan

Quick and Simple Release: Pan is ideal to release the muffins off the pan quickly.
Disposable: Just throw away once finished, Good for a big parties or speacial Occasion when baking a large batch.
  • LS-NB34221

  • Longstar

Product Description

1.Specification of aluminum foil container

Great Value & Price: We are a manufacturer's direct selling price, and can customize the quantity and packaging according to your needs to meet various needs.

Durable Baking Pans: Made from premium quality aluminum foil, this Aluminum Foil food tray Value Pack from Longstar is ecofriendly and recyclable.      So don’t worry about cleaning up, just toss them when you’re done!

Perfect size, great construction. These Aluminum Foil tableware Containers are great, the size is perfect for the amount of food I usually cook. It's big enough to prepare a hearty lunch for your friends.

Such as these little foil pans. I bulk cook lasagna and they are perfect 1 serving containers.


2.Introduction of aluminum foil tray

There are a variety of different sizes and color choices.

Catering/buffet disposable aluminum foil container.

BBQ aluminum foil tray.

Bakery foil container vessels.

Take a portable aluminum foil container.

Aluminm foil barbecue turkey tray.

These aluminum foil pans are washable, oven and freezer safe.

LS-NB34221 baking pan2LS-NB34221 baking pan8

3.Application of aluminum foil tableware

Quality Cookware: These premium aluminum pans are eco-friendly and recyclable.      They're also dishwasher, oven and freezer safe.

Perfect for BBQ Grilling: With Aluminum Foil Pan ,rev up the grill for the BBQ and start a party!  

Bake cakes and other treats, grill or roast hearty meats, preserve fresh fruits and vegetables, and so much more!

If you’re running a catering business or restaurant, these foils pans are convenient for storing food for delivery or take-out as well.

foil Grid platebarbeque foil trayRoast food tableware


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