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Rectangular Food Grade Disposable Aluminum Foil Travel Cutlery

You won’t find a better deal for versatile disposable aluminum trays than what we’re offering… GUARANTEED.Choose to Buy them now and see for yourself the difference in quality.
  • LS-N21052

  • Longstar

Product Description

1.Specification of aluminum foil container

About this item

They provide even heat distribution, so all your food is the same temperature. You’ll find yourself using them for endless cooking tasks!

1.Put under grill grates as a drop tray

2.Bake delicious desserts

3.Roast a turkey or chicken

4. Meal prep and store extra in freezer

5. Bring a home-cooked meal to friends and family

6. Use to serve food in chafers Eco-Friendly. Help Keep the Environment Clean!


2.Introduction of aluminum foil tray

Most of our customers take aluminum foil tableware with them for camping or outdoor picnics.

If you are going camping or going on a day trip to the beach or lake, you can prepare barbecue, cakes, fruits and other delicacies in advance and put them in aluminum foil containers with lids, which will not deform or leak soup. It does not take up space and is easy to carry.

If you are having an outdoor picnic in the backyard, you can put all the delicious food in these trays to grill and then serve it to your guests.

aluminum foil container 750mlOven baking tool

Foil Oven Dishes & Lids Small

3.Application of aluminum foil tableware

Dimension :Disposable aluminum oval pans accommodates variety of purposes in your events.

Easy to use:Disposable aluminum pan is good not only for cooking and roasting but also serves as bake pans. This is easily to use during parties, birthdays, caterings and more.

Easy to transfer:They also promote reliable seals with our complementary board lids, sealing in heat while preventing spills.

Convenient for any occasion :Aluminum pans stay strong for the duration of your event, holding both solids and liquids without buckling or leaking. This is ideal for even heat distribution, easy and convenient for any occasion.

Easy to dispose and reuse:Budget friendly and recyclable aluminum foil pans are easy to dispose and reuse. Protect your dishes and maintain their temperatures with these durable crimping lids. Our flat pan lids also allow dishes to be stacked for transit.

aluminium foilturkey baking trayTin Foil Oblong Baking Pans


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