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Is it safe to cook food with aluminum foil?

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Is it safe to cook food with aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil is a common household product and is often used for cooking. However, some people think that the use of aluminum foil in cooking will cause aluminum to penetrate into food, thus endangering health. However, some people think it is completely safe to use it.

Let's analyze the risks associated with using aluminum foil and discuss whether it is suitable for daily use.

What is aluminum foil?

1. aluminum foil, or tin foil, is a kind of paper thin, shiny aluminum sheet, which is manufactured by rolling large aluminum plates until their thickness is less than 0.2 mm.

2. use of aluminum foil: aluminum foil is a thin and versatile metal, which is usually used at home, especially in cooking. It has many industrial uses, including packaging, insulation and transportation. It is also widely sold to families in supermarkets. At home, people use aluminum foil to store food and cover the surface of the food to be baked, which can prevent the loss of water during cooking. Aluminum foil can also be used to wrap and protect more delicate foods such as baked vegetables. It can also be spread on the baking tray to keep it clean. It can also be used to scrub the tray or grill to remove stubborn stains and residues.

Is aluminum safe in food?

Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on earth. In its natural state, it combines with other elements such as phosphate and sulfate in soil, rock and clay. It also contains small amounts of aluminum in air, water and food. In fact, aluminum naturally exists in most foods, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, grains and dairy products. Some foods contain more aluminum, such as tea, mushrooms, spinach and radish. In addition, aluminum can also be found in food additives, such as preservatives, colorants, anti caking agents and thickeners. It is worth noting that commercially produced foods may contain more aluminum than home cooked foods.

Aluminum in the human body is usually ingested through food, water and drugs, most of which are discharged from the human body through feces and urine, so it is not harmful.

The actual amount of aluminum in the food you eat mainly depends on the following factors:

· absorption: the ease with which aluminum is absorbed and retained by food;

· soil: aluminum content in the soil where food is grown;

· packaging: if the food has been packaged and stored in aluminum packaging;

· additives: whether certain additives are added to food during processing.

Aluminum is also ingested through drugs with high aluminum content, such as antacids.

In fact, the aluminum content in food and drugs is not considered a problem, because only a small amount of aluminum consumed by the human body will be absorbed, and most of it will be excreted through feces and urine. So the small amount of aluminum we consume every day is safe.

Will cooking with aluminum foil increase the aluminum content in food?

Cooking with aluminum foil can increase the aluminum content in food. However, these quantities are so small that the researchers consider them safe.

Most of the aluminum you consume comes from food. Research shows that aluminum foil, cooking utensils and containers can leach aluminum into food. This means that cooking with aluminum foil may increase the amount of aluminum in your diet. When cooking with aluminum foil, the amount of aluminum entering the food is affected by many factors, such as cooking at higher temperature; Cooking acidic foods, such as tomatoes; Use salt and spices when cooking. Of course, the amount of food that gets into the food during cooking may vary. There is no strong evidence that the use of aluminum foil increases the risk of disease.

How to reduce aluminum exposure during cooking?

Reducing the intake of refined foods and the use of aluminum foil and aluminum cookers can reduce aluminum exposure.

The World Health Organization (who) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agreed that the level of less than 2 mg per 2.2 pounds (1 kg) per week is unlikely to cause health problems. The European food safety authority uses a more conservative estimate of 1 mg per 2.2 pounds (1 kg) of body weight per week. It is impossible to completely remove aluminum from your diet, but you can minimize it as follows:

Use aluminum foil products to cook food at a lower temperature as far as possible;

Reduce the use of aluminum foil products to cook acidic foods, such as tomatoes, lemons, ketchup and other acidic foods;

Glass or porcelain tableware shall be used as much as possible;

Cook your own food at home: eat more home cooked food, reduce the intake of commercially processed food, and help reduce the intake of aluminum.

Should we stop using aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil is not considered dangerous. The amount of aluminum we eat is far lower than what is considered safe, so it is not necessary to remove aluminum foil from your cooking. Of course, if you are really worried, you can reduce the use times.

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