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800ml 2 Compartment Rectangular Disposable Aluminum Foil Pan

These Aluminum Foil Pan Containers are great, the size is perfect for the amount of food I usually cook.
 Perfect size, great construction. The size lets you give a great individual dinner to a friend, large enough to be satisfied.
  • LS-NC865

  • Longstar

  • Catalogue-LONGSTAR(9.6M).pdf

  • 225x183x33mm

  • 800ml

  • 0.061 mm

  • 11.8 gram

  • 600 PCS/CTN

  • 46.3 cm 39.5 cm 38.5 cm

Product Description

1.Specification of aluminum foil container

About this item

2-Compartment Aluminum Foil Pans Combo with Flat Foil Lids, keep food separate, great for takeout or transporting food.

WARNING: DO NOT use in Microwave.


2.Introduction of aluminum foil tray

Take Meals To Go,Flat Lids Make Meals Portable.

The perfect option for packaging delicious meals! Pair our selection of flat lids with our aluminum take out pans to easily take entrees, sides, or desserts on the go without the risk of messes or spills.

Expertly Retains Heat,Foil Lining Keeps Food Warm.

Our aluminum pan lids are made from premium foil laminated cardboard and feature a foil lining on the interior that expertly retains heat to ensure dishes are ready to be enjoyed. Keep foods fresh and at the perfect temperature!

Cleanup Is A Breeze,Perfect For Large Events.

Remove the hassle of cleaning up! The construction of our high-quality foil board lids is conveniently disposable, perfect for shortening the amount of time spent cleaning up after celebrations.

There are a variety of different sizes and color choices.

Catering/buffet disposable aluminum foil container.

BBQ aluminum foil tray.

Bakery foil container vessels.

Take a portable aluminum foil container.

Aluminm foil barbecue turkey tray.

These aluminum foil pans are washable, oven and freezer safe.

tin foil food containersFoil Oven Dishes & Lids Small

3.Application of aluminum foil tableware


Planning and preparing your meals ahead of time will make healthy choices a no-brainer. With the Foil Containers you’ll have a home cooked feast on hand that can be ready faster than you can imagine. These Foil Pans are the solution to making meal prep easy, efficient and affordable. Perfect for those of us with a busy schedule that wants to eat a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

3 grid Foil Trayfoil food tray


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