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11 Inch Food Grade Round Aluminum Foil Drip Pan

Foil tray
Suitable for roasting,reheating leftovers and freezer storage.
  • LS-NR290

  • Longstar

Product Description

1.Specification of aluminum foil container

Pursuing quality and innovation, we are always on the move.

Loving the kitchen, living attentively, paying attention to quality, and pursuing beauties are our team's common characteristics.

To make you 100% satisfied, for each product, we produced carefully;   for every issue from customers, we reply effectively and efficiently.


2.Introduction of aluminum foil tray

  • Oven Safe

    The aluminum foil round dishes are thermally conductive, and perfect for baking cakes, brownies, cinnamon rolls, lasagna, macn cheese, casseroles, and more!

  • Disposable & Recyclable

    Foil pie dish make clean up a breeze - just toss them in the trash when you're done!  Perfect for catering, restaurants, bake sales, barbecues, and more!

  • Freezer Safe

    Aluminium foil pizza platters freezer safe, allowing you to store leftovers in the fridge.  They're also great for meal-prep.  Freeze dishes until you’re ready to cook and serve.

Baking Serving panRound Aluminum Pans with Cardboard Lids

3.Application of aluminum foil tableware

For Any Occasion!

Whether you're catering a business lunch, packing take-out out orders at a restaurant, or running a food truck business, our durable aluminum foil food containers with lids get the job done.

Disposable foil containers with covers are also great for small-scale events like a barbecue in the backyard, everyday meal prep at home, or even packing lunch for work at the office.

We've got take-out containers with lids in a variety of shapes and sizes to serve your specific needs.

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Takeaway Foil Containers


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