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2450ml Large Aluminum Foil Turkey Barbecue Plate

Disposable Full Size Aluminum foil Baking Serving Trays
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  • LS-NC32340

  • Longstar

Product Description

1.Specification of aluminum foil container

  • Food Grade High Quality Material

These aluminum foil oven trays are made from high-quality food-grade aluminum foil, resistant to high and low temperatures, and are oven safe. They are able to withstand high temperatures and keep food warm for longer. You can also put food in the refrigerator and freeze it for storage.

  • Storage And Consumption

Perfect for parties and celebrations. Once the lasagna is cooked, you can store it or eat it from the tray when you're on the go. Also suitable for roasting vegetables or lasagna, cooking and reheating. Can also be placed in a conventional oven or used on the grill.

Aluminum foil rectangular oven tray and lid

Caution:Aluminium trays are not suitable for storing large quantities of strongly acidic foods such as vinegar, mayonnaise & tomato sauce.


2.Introduction of aluminum foil tray

Eco-Friendly: Our foil pans are reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Don’t worry about cleaning up,  just toss them when you’re done! A great choice for events like camping, birthday parties,barbecues, picnics and family get-togethers.


Jumbo foil roasting tray,

Perfect for family roasts,

Foil rectangular cookie tray,

Perfect for baking treats for the whole family or party,

Catering or takeaway foil containers complete with lids,

Strong quality foil,will hold hot or cold food equally well.

Perfect for parties or travelling these foil containers can contain all kinds of foods.

Oven and freezer safe.

Not suitable for use in microwaves.

Jumbo foil roasting tray

3.Application of aluminum foil tableware

【Easy to Use】These classic takeout food containers are your go-to choice for soups, stews, fried foods, salads, cookies,heavy pastas, meats, cakes, breads, casseroles, lasagna, appetizers and more. Each disposable food container comes with a lid, and you can easily pinch the foil edge over the lid rim for a strong freshness seal.

❶EASY CLEANUP & DISPOSABLE: With this tin plates you can save or share leftovers without worrying about getting your aluminum tray back! Dispose of the foil packaging when you don’t feel like cleaning! Disposable Tart Pans are the choice.

❷BAKERY STYLE: Useful pie tins with lids. To enjoy crusty, hearty, and deeply flavored pies, cakes and quiche tarts. With these premium Aluminum Foil Pie Pans NOW you can create all this at home! Also, used by kitchen staff members to package up foods for individual purchase, bulk retail, or catering applications. 

❸QUALITY PANS: Made from thick gauge, heavy duty, aluminum foil. Heats food evenly providing excellent performance that browns beautifully! Tasty delicious and good looking tarts! Pie lids at your convenience.

❹BEST VALUE: Foil Pie Pans made with sturdy foil that will perform excellent in the kitchen. Durable and convenient foil pans perfect for baking, cooking, fridge or freezer and transfer. Disposable bakeware and take-out containers are essential supplies in almost any foodservice establishment. 

❺HAPPY HOLLIDAYS CHOICE! 4th of July and summer holiday baking, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday pies. Disposable cake pan for easy cakes and brownies baking. Our 7 inch pie tins will make it easy to share delicious baking with the ones you love. Tart pans that are also perfect for any occasion: take-out, delivery businesses, picnics, deli's, schools, camps, medical facilities, cooking classes, pie eating contests and more.

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