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9×9inches Square Aluminum Foil Kitchenware

Disposable Aluminum Foil Broiler Pan for Oven
Sheet Pans for Grilling Roasting
Rack Trays with Ribbed Surface for BBQ Grill-Like Texture
  • LS-NS245

  • Longstar

Product Description

1.Specification of aluminum foil container

Aluminum 8 x 8 pans are designed to maintain their strength throughout your event, ensuring they can hold both solids and liquids without buckling or leaking.  They are versatile enough for various uses such as preparation, serving, and even freezer storage.

foil pan specification

2.Introduction of aluminum foil tray

  • The superior heat conductivity of these pans allows you to bake cakes, brownies, lasagna, chicken, and casseroles to perfection. They consistently meet your cooking needs.

  • Add convenience to your kitchen by using these disposable aluminum baking pans for mess-free pastry making. Say goodbye to time-consuming cleanup - simply discard the pans after use and keep your kitchen tidy with minimal effort.

  • These disposable cooking pans are not limited to oven use; they also serve as excellent food containers for picnics, BBQs, takeaways, or transporting delicious baked goods to parties or gatherings.

  • When stored in bulk, these pans stack neatly for convenient storage. They are environmentally friendly as they are fully recyclable and contribute towards a sustainable lifestyle.

1. Enhanced Heat Conductivity: Ensures consistent and efficient heat distribution, resulting in a uniformly heated interior.

2. Robust and Durable Aluminum Foil Trays: Exceptionally sturdy trays that are perfect for everyday baking projects.

3. Quick and Effortless Release: The pan facilitates easy removal of muffins without any hassle.

4. Disposable Convenience: Simply discard after use, making them ideal for large parties or special occasions when baking in bulk.

5. A Thoughtful Gift Option: Perfect for holiday gifting purposes.

6. Disposable & Recyclable: Our foil pans can be easily disposed of and recycled, simplifying the cleanup process. They are suitable for catering events, bake sales, barbecues, restaurants, etc.

7. Oven-Safe Capability: These aluminum foil pans possess excellent thermal conductivity, making them suitable for baking cakes, cinnamon rolls, lasagna, brownies, cheese dishes,casseroles,and more!

8.Freezer-Safe Functionality:Tin foil trays can be safely stored in the freezer to preserve leftovers or facilitate meal-prep activities until ready to cook or serve.

9.Foil Oven Dishes & Lids Small

LS-NS245 square foil pan1LS-NS245 square foil pan11

3.Application of aluminum foil tableware

  • Disposable aluminum oval pans accommodates variety of purposes in your events.

  • Convenient for any occasion :Aluminum pans stay strong for the duration of your event, holding both solids and liquids without buckling or leaking. This is ideal for even heat distribution, easy and convenient for any occasion.

biscuit foil standsquare foil tray


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