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Who can beat the plastic garbage of catering takeout and maintain food safety?

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Who can beat the plastic garbage of catering takeout and maintain food safety?

1. Formation of "garbage siege"

As the country with the largest volume of catering takeout in the world, China issued the "plastic limit order" as early as 2007. As we can see, although catering takeout provides convenience, it also brings great pressure to the environment: Plastic takeout tableware with an average use time of only 1 hour may take hundreds of years to degrade naturally.

According to the big data of Chinese takeout, by 2020, China's Internet payment population will exceed 750million, and the takeout penetration rate will be about 80%, which means that 600million people will become online takeout users. In this way, at least 24million plastic products are consumed every day, and other plastic products such as straw and spoon have not been included. If there is no effective environmental protection management measures for takeout plastic packaging, it will bring great pressure to the environment.

According to professionals, too much plastic waste will occupy a lot of land space in land filling, and incineration and recycling will also produce corresponding pollutant emissions. Plastic pollution causes the death of millions of seabirds, 100000 marine mammals and countless fish every year, with economic losses of $8billion.

2. How to break the "garbage siege" of plastic packaging? At a time of crisis, aluminum foil containers come forward!

Aluminum foil container used as a lunch box and catering container has many characteristics and advantages, including: easy to carry, not easy to be damaged, safe and hygienic, high and low temperature resistant, green environmental protection, renewable energy saving, good sealing, high-end beauty, etc. At present, aluminum foil packaging has been widely recognized abroad and is widely used in household food packaging. However, due to the differences in history, culture and geographical location, each country has different consumption habits, ideas and perceptions. At present, the development and application potential of aluminum foil tableware is still large, and it is urgent to make the same voice in the world, advocate and promote its application.

In recent years, in addition to the increasing use of aviation aluminum foil containers, China has also begun to promote the use of aluminum foil tableware in the daily lives of residents. Market development and application examples of relevant enterprises also show that aluminum foil fast-food packages are suitable for China's national conditions, and can be used in catering takeout, distribution, prepackaged food industry, homemade food, and can replace plastic and paper tableware largely. It can be said that the expanded application of aluminum foil tableware and containers is an important choice to promote green consumption, protect food safety, Keep food fresh, and practice the concept of sustainable development.

3. Comprehensive advantages of aluminum foil tableware and containers

(1) The raw materials are non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly

Aluminum foil is made of primary aluminum alloy and rolled through multiple processes. It has no harmful substances such as heavy metals. In the production process of aluminum foil, high-temperature annealing disinfection process is adopted. Therefore, aluminum foil can safely contact with food and will not contain or help bacteria grow.

(2) It is convenient for heating and does not produce harmful substances under high temperature

Aluminum foil tableware and containers can be heated in a variety of ways, including various ovens, anaerobic heating cabinets, steamers, microwave ovens (be sure to use them in light waves and barbecue stalls), and pressure cookers to heat food packaged with aluminum foil.

(3) Easy to form, easy to seal and wrap, and ensure food hygiene

The aluminum foil has good form ability, and even in the wrinkled and crimped parts, it will not produce cracks and fractures. Aluminum foil containers can use either aluminum foil lids or paper or other lids. They are easy to deform, easy to seal, and have strong heat preservation and fresh-keeping ability. They can avoid missing or being polluted in the process of food storage and transportation, and reduce food waste. For large meal delivery enterprises and central kitchen distribution, aluminum foil tableware can be used to improve the distribution efficiency, and the effect is significantly better than that of other material tableware.

(4) With strong barrier, it can protect the original taste of food and prolong the shelf life of food after sealing

Although aluminum foil is very thin, it has strong barrier, which can completely block light, gas and other substances, improve freshness, protect moisture, and prevent the leakage or mixing of taste, so as to effectively maintain the original taste and characteristics of the product. The food and prepackaged food packaged in aluminum foil dishware can realize cold and hot chain distribution, which is convenient for production and sales, as well as the storage of catering enterprises, restaurants, supermarkets and families, so as to avoid product deterioration, extend the shelf life and reduce food waste. Therefore, it also saves energy indirectly.

(5) It can be recycled efficiently, protect the environment and save resources

Aluminum is highly recyclable and renewable, which can be recycled for unlimited times, with limited mass loss, and can maintain its original characteristics. Recycled aluminum can be used to produce many finished products. After partial use, aluminum foil tableware may be used for garbage power generation. Even if the aluminum foil is buried, it will not pollute the soil and water. At present, the recycling value of plastic tableware, especially foam plastic dishware, is low, the recycling rate is not high, and the recycling situation is not ideal. A large number of discarded plastic tableware cause serious "white pollution", affect the city appearance and natural landscape, and also form "potential harm" to the ecological environment because they are difficult to degrade. Therefore, in recent years, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Portland, Toronto, Canada, Paris, France and other metropolises have banned foam tableware and water cups and bowls.

Compared with other resources, aluminum is rich in resource reserves, the recovery of waste aluminum continues to increase, and the resource bottleneck is small. If aluminum foil  containers can be widely used, they can replace plastic and paper products, save a lot of oil resources, wood and other resource consumption, improve resource efficiency and improve environmental quality.

(6) Beautiful appearance, decorative

Aluminum foil has bright metallic luster and is compatible with all printing technologies. According to the needs of food processing enterprises and catering enterprises, aluminum foil products manufacturers can carry out color printing, surface coating, embossing, embossing, code spraying and other treatments on aluminum foil containers, so as to highlight the differences and aesthetics of products, improve brand image and corporate image, and also facilitate consumers and distribution enterprises to trace the source of products. Consumers can also have a good consumption experience in the process of consumption.

(7) High cost performance, conducive to future promotion and development

With the technological progress of the aluminum industry and the improvement of production efficiency, the manufacturing cost of aluminum and aluminum foil is gradually reduced. The cost of aluminum tableware has been close to that of qualified polypropylene (PP) plastic tableware, and the cost performance advantage is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, with the progress of society, consumers' green consumption concept and consumption habits are gradually established, and the awareness of food safety, health and hygiene, environmental and ecological awareness and consumption ability are constantly improving. The time has come to promote the large-scale application of aluminum foil tableware .

(8) The production and supply capacity of aluminum foil has been improved, providing strong support for the expansion of application

According to the information of the aluminum industry consulting organization, China has become the world's largest producer of aluminum and aluminum foil. The production and processing technology and equipment of aluminum foil have reached the world-class level, and the product quality has also reached the international advanced level. Thin aluminum foil, aluminum foil containers, household foil and other products have been sold all over the world. The product development capacity, delivery capacity and service capacity of aluminum foil and aluminum foil products enterprises have been significantly improved. Most of the aluminum foil containers used abroad are made in China.

4. Market prospect and application fields of aluminum foil containers

With the stricter requirements for food safety and health in the world and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and resource conservation, aluminum foil tableware, as green packaging materials, are becoming a new choice for the catering industry and food packaging. Therefore, the market of aluminum foil containers has good application prospects and great market potential.

Now, in many cities in China, aluminum foil tableware have been used in some schools, hospitals, government canteens, large-scale events, some meal delivery enterprises, as well as pizza hut, KFC, true Kung Fu and other catering enterprises, and the domestic market has gradually begun to expand.

In the future, the key application and promotion of aluminum foil containers include:

Fast food sub packaging and cold chain centralized distribution in the central kitchen of large meal delivery enterprises,

Small and medium-sized catering enterprises take out fast food boxes and post meal packing boxes,

Prepackaged food of food production enterprises,

Subpackaging of prepackaged food, meat and cooked food in large supermarkets,

Aluminum foil containers for Western food and fast food restaurants,

The use of aluminum foil lunch boxes in aviation catering,

Aluminum foil snack boxes are used on high-speed trains and multiple units,

Aluminum foil tableware and plates are used in catering in primary and secondary schools,

Aluminum foil tableware, plates and trays are used in hospitals, enterprises, government canteens and construction sites

Use aluminum foil fast-food boxes, plates and trays in parks, exhibition halls and large-scale activities

Aluminum foil containers for food processing in catering enterprises and families, aluminum foil trays for baking and barbecue, etc.

In short, aluminum foil containers, with their diversified excellent performance, are important choices to ensure food safety and health, maintain life and health, save resources and energy, and practice green consumption at present and in the future. They have good application potential and promising market prospects.

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