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What Are The Advantages And Uses Of Aluminum Foil Containers?

Views: 1520     Author: Lily@longstar     Publish Time: 2023-06-26      Origin: Tianjin Longstar Aluminium Foil Products Co., Ltd.


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What Are The Advantages And Uses Of Aluminum Foil Containers?

Q: What is aluminum foil?

A: Aluminum foil is a hot stamping material that is directly pressed into thin sheets using metal aluminum. Aluminium foil, due to its excellent properties, is widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, photographic substrates, household items, tableware, etc. Among various uses, the most effective way to utilize the performance of aluminum foil is as a packaging material. Aluminum foil is mainly designed for thickness. In the industry, aluminum products with a thickness of less than 0.2mm are usually referred to as aluminum foil, which is usually longitudinally cut at the edges and delivered in rolls.

aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is a soft metal film that not only has the advantages of moisture resistance, airtightness, shading, wear resistance, fragrance preservation, non-toxic and odorless, but also has an elegant silver white luster, making it easy to process beautiful patterns and patterns of various colors.

Q: How is aluminum foil made into containers?

A:The production process of aluminum foil products can be roughly divided into six steps: spreading, oiling, feeding, stamping, forming, blanking, and testing. Fix the mold on the machine. During the production process, aluminum foil is subjected to a punching pressure of up to 40-80 tons, with a punching frequency of 1-2 seconds, and an average production volume of 20000 pieces per day.

aluminium foil products

Q: Is environmentally friendly aluminum foil utensil safe and healthy? Can it be toxic?

A: Aluminum is a very active metal that is easily oxidized by oxygen in the air to form aluminum oxide at room temperature and pressure. It can form a dense protective film and prevent further corrosion of aluminum tableware by some substances. When we use aluminum products such as aluminum pots and Longstar disposable Foil containers for a long time, we should try not to let them come into contact with acidic substances, so that aluminum will not dissolve in our food. Aluminium foil trays are all coated and will not undergo chemical reactions in the air, so they will not produce toxic substances and can be used with confidence.

Q: What is the purpose of aluminum foil containers

A: The function of aluminum foil container is to hold fast food, making it easy to heat and provide hot food. For example, fast food provided during flight often uses aluminum foil pan to provide hot food for passengers. On the other hand, many countries use aluminum foil plate as containers for barbecue and bakeware, such as the production and consumption of grilled meat, turkey plates, cake desserts, egg tarts, pizza platter, baking dish and other foods cooking. Aluminum foil kitchenware is widely used,because it can be heated with a high temperature open flame, easy to clean,non Stick, Ovenable, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free.

Aluminum foil tableware usage

Q: Is aluminum foil tableware harmful?

A: Aluminum foil containers are one of the green and environmentally friendly tableware currently. They are resistant to high temperature and freezing, and can be directly heated over an open flame. Many countries use Longstar aluminum foil tableware for barbecue and baking, which is harmless, recyclable, safe and hygienic. They can be used for takeaway packaging or as baking bowl.

Food grade aluminum foil

Q: What are the differences between aluminium foil tray and plastic tray?

A: Aluminum foil has good barrier properties. When the thickness of the aluminum foil is sufficient, it can basically completely block gas and water. Therefore, aluminum foil is commonly used as a barrier material in plastic flexible packaging materials. Aluminum foil has a series of advantages such as light weight, good airtightness, convenient packaging, and good coverage. Moreover, aluminum foil products are hygienic, aesthetically pleasing, and have a certain degree of insulation effect. The aluminum foil plate can be placed directly on the gas stove or in the oven, without worrying about the danger. Aluminum foil containers can withstand temperature changes from -20 ℃ to+150 ℃. It can go from the refrigerator to the oven, and then from the refrigerator to the oven to the table.

High temperature resistant tray

Regarding plastic tableware, the main materials available for food use are PP and PS polystyrene. PP is relatively soft, with a normal usage temperature between -6 ° C and+90 ° C. The previously popular foam plastic lunch box has now been eliminated from the market. Law enforcement officials said that the raw materials of the foam lunch box contained harmful substances. Once the hot food is added, the harmful substances in the foam plastic are easy to condense on the food and enter the human body with the food, thus causing harm to the human body. In addition, disposable lunch boxes made of foamed plastic are difficult to degrade and do not decay for many years. Combustion will release a large amount of gas, causing serious damage to the environment. Therefore, since 2000, China has banned the production and sale of foam plastic tableware.

Q: Is aluminum foil tableware disposable? Can it be used multiple times?

A: Unlike other tableware, aluminum foil kitchenware are not easy to deform, resistant to high temperatures, and can be recycled and heated to maintain their original shape. Furthermore, aluminum foil cookware are safe and will not contain harmful substances when heated. Most restaurants now use Longstar aluminum foil tray, you can give them a try.

Foil Turkey pan

Q: Is the aluminum foil dinnerware insulated?

A: Aluminum foil Kitchenware are relatively lightweight, have good sealing performance, and have a certain degree of insulation.

Q: What is the shelf life of aluminum foil dishware packaging?

A: In China, the validity period of aluminum foil packing is stipulated to be three years, but everyone must know that everything has both advantages and disadvantages!

disposable foil Pasta tray

Ten advantages of aluminum foil:

1. Aluminum foil has the characteristics of moisture resistance, airtightness, shading, fragrance preservation, non-toxic and odorless.

2. Aluminum foil packaging has excellent barrier to oxygen and moisture, with a water and oxygen permeability of 1, making it a good barrier material.

3. Aluminum foil has good heat resistance, good light reflection and luster, good shape at high and low temperatures, stable high and low temperature conditions, and no shrinkage deformation at temperatures ranging from -73 to 371 ℃.

4. Aluminum foil has elegant silver white metallic luster and strong decoration.

5. Aluminum foil is easy to print, and people can fully utilize their imagination to print beautiful patterns and patterns with various characteristics and colorful colors on it.

6. Relatively light in weight, with a specific gravity only one-third of that of iron, copper, etc. It has high extensibility, thin thickness, and small weight per unit area.

7. Good shading, with a reflectivity of up to 95%;

8. Strong protection, making the packaging less susceptible to bacteria, fungi, and insects;

9. Excellent barrier properties, moisture-proof, breathable, and fragrant, can prevent moisture absorption, oxidation, and volatilization of the packaging content, and its moisture and oxygen resistance.

10. Aluminum foil is easy to process and can be combined with various plastic films and paper.

Longstar aluminum foil tray is a professional manufacturer of aluminum foil containers and tableware. We have provided aluminum foil products and food packaging design services in more than 100 countries around the world for more than 15 years. For more information about aluminum foil packaging, please contact us.

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