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Disposable Aluminum Foil Airline Food Container Takeaway Tray

Longstar offers a wide range of aluminium packaging for professional use and events,such as ramekins, cases and pie dishes.
  • LS-AC159

  • Longstar

Product Description

1.Specification of aluminum foil container


2.Introduction of aluminum foil tray

Aluminum Foil Airline Lunch Box is specifically designed for aviation fast food, equipped with a dedicated aluminum foil lid that can securely hold the container and help keep food fresh and insulated.LS-AC159Lac airline foil tray1LS-AC159Lac airline foil tray39

3.Application of aluminum foil tableware

  • These aluminum Foil Airline Food Containers come with matched foil lids for easy carriage, bringing convenience to you. 

  • You can use your food on the plane and keep it warm without spilling it, Foil Airplane Snack Tray , making it the perfect companion for in-flight fast food.

  • Meanwhile, they can be shared with your guests and then thrown away after the party, without wasting much cleaning time. In addition, our baking containers of the same size are stackable and won't take up much of your storage space when not in use.

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